Our Services

We provide the following services:


If its an idea or concept that you have, we can work with you on the underlying technology required to make it work. Based on our experience, we can advise how best to realize the final product. Alternatively, if you are in the midst of a project and are hampered by technical issues, we can also help move the project along. Our team of experienced staff will work closely with your team to understand the issues and define working solutions.

Product Design

Product design is the core capability of AGID. We can provide services in all areas of the design phases and can support you to achieve the end result.
  • - Electronics Design
  • - Mechanical Design
  • - Software Design
  • - Engineering Design
Using the latest technologies available, we will match them to ensure that the product meets your expectations and also your product requirements exactly. Our experience in this area will also ensure that you have the best product cost and performance.

Manufacturing and Process

We can provide the services to design and setup the optimal manufacturing and factory process for your product or factory. By ensuring continuous repeatability and quality, we will ensure that your products are manufactured to the best possible standards.

Quality Control and Product Validation

If you have a product that needs to be tested or are unsure what constitutes to product quality, we can provide the service to ensure that your product meets the quality requirements.

Type Approval

If you need a product to be shipped to another country, we can provide the services to advice and manage the type approval process.

Project Management

We provide the capability to mange your technical design projects fron concept till mass production. Using our proven design management process, we can commit that your clients can expect delivery on time and on target.

Product Management

We can work with your team to define target market, product segmentation and pricing to achieve maximum product impact. We can also provide services to manage your product lifecycle from concept till the end-of-life.

Procurement Services

If you are in need of specific services or products, we provide the service to procure for your organization needs. Just contact us and we can work out the details. We commit to source the best price and delivery terms for you.