The Process

process image

The Product Creation Process is divides into three major areas, namely the conceptualization phase, the realization phase and the mass production phase.

The Conceptualization phase
This is where the creative ideas are hashed and re-hashed. The teams here will generate various ideas and work hand-in-hand with the clients teams to develop the right product requirement and technical specifications. The outcome of this phase is usually a requirement document that can be translated into a feasible product.

The Realization Phase
This is the part of the project where a project team is formed to work on the design details. The electronics, software and the mechanical details are developed here. Tests are done and the product has to pass multiple passes to achieve the required quality levels. The outcome of this phase is the detailed design that is proven to be able to be mass-produced reliably.

Mass Production Phase
The product is mass produced to a strict quality levels. The product is tested and tested again in the factory prior to being packed and shipped to the end consumer.

Throughout the process, the clients are kept informed on the status and also, at the same time invited to perform tests on the product at various critical development phases. We believe in total transparency of our work and we take pride in our ability to deliver designs that is superior.